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ORANGE BELT FORM - Songahm Ee-Jahng #2



Orange Belt Form - Basics

Ready Stance, Back Stance

Double Outer Forearm Block, Outer Forearm Block, Twin Low Block

Backfist Strike

Outer Crescent Kick, Round Kick

Orange Belt Form - Moves

1.          L          Double Outer Forearm Block
2.          L          Slide Together
3.          R          Back Punch
4.          R          Round Kick
5.          B          Twin Low Block
6.          L          Outer Forearm Block
7.          R          Punch
8.          R          Outer Forearm Block
9.          L          Punch
10.        L          Knifehand Strike - Ki-hap
11.        R          Round Kick
12.        R          Double Outer Forearm Block
13.        R          Slide together Front Kick
14.        L          Reverse Punch
15.        L          Round Kick
16.        B          Twin Low Block
17.        R          Low block
18         R          Back Fist
19.        L          Low Block
20.        L          Back Fist
21.        R          Knifehand Strike - Ki-hap
22.        L          Round Kick
23.        L          Double Outer Forearm Block


Orange Belt Form - One Step Sparring

1.         Double Outer Forearm Block
2.         Backfist
3.         Punch
4.         Round Kick
5.         Double Outer Forearm Block


Songahm 2

The location of the Songhm Ee-Jahng #2 is the rectangle to the left of the center line, the North East and North West points of the Songahm Star.

Download Orange Belt Form -Songhm Ee-Jahng #2.